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Outcomes in Healthtech.

I am a data-driven Product Experience leader with proven experience leading cross-functional teams to deliver business value through user-centered design.
About Me.
Domain Expert

As a seasoned expert in the healthtech industry, I have deep expertise in core clinical areas essential to the delivery of in- and out-patient telemedicine. From consumer conversion to clinician tooling and admin workflows, I have led teams that deliver outstanding interaction and workflow design.

Empathetic Leader

As a leader, I create opportunities that enable team members to stretch, grow, and feel proud of their work. I have a history of forming and leading teams with high morale and low turnover who deliver simple, elegant products.


Since 2000, I have implemented and improved processes for effectively running design teams and find joy in experimenting with new ways of operating. From recruiting, onboarding, planning, allocating, and reporting to team-bonding, I strive to build consistency and efficiency without compromising quality.

Strategic Collaborator

One of my strongest assets is my commitment to cross-functional collaboration with all disciplines in the software development lifecycle. From the strategic roadmap all the way to quality assurance, I ensure that Product Experience is an active participant and inclusive of other disciplines. I foster lasting partnerships with stakeholders and senior decision-makers.

User-Centered Advocate

I have experience orchestrating dozens of research studies, both generative and evaluative, and advocate for integrating agile research activities into the software development lifecycle. As a design leader, I ensure that solutions are supported with data insights that reflect the needs and behaviors of our users.

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Experienced Craftsperson

My academic background, combined with decades of hands-on experience in the field translate to functional, effective design. One of the greatest privileges of being a manager is to mentor emerging practitioners on best practices and techniques, and attentively guide them on their design journey.

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